Test under load

Our experience…

For more than 15 years, Company MECO has developed, along with its partners, a range of solutions for the load testing of lifting equipment or supporting structures, requiring loads from a few kilos to hundreds of tonnes. Our services range from offering basic equipment rental to fully handling your load testing issues.

On Site

— More than 1,800 tests carried out without drawbacks, or incidents
— Loads ranging from 1 to 900 tonnes

On-site load testing is Company MECO’s main activity, both in France and abroad. It is submitted to rigorous procedures that combine safety and the respect of applicable regulations. Such procedures include the following steps:

— We analyse the requirements of the load test (commissioning, re-commissioning or periodical control) and the applicable regulations.
— We choose appropriate equipment and solutions. Our service is covered 100% by Company MECO or together with our partners as subcontractors (LIFTAL / PROOFLOAD / RELIANCE).
— We adapt to urgent requests and are able to work out solutions in collaboration with our partners.
— We set up procedures ensuring the quality and safety of our services for the duration of the job.
— We value experience feedback by keeping a technical data sheet of the job.

Off Site

— More than 45 lifting apparatuses have already been proofload tested
— More than 6,600 tonnes of cumulative weight used without road transportation

Company MECO can transport your heavy lifting accessories to our partner’s site where a wide range of test facilities are available:

— We organise equipment transport from our customer’s location to the load test site and return.
— Tests can be performed under the supervision of our partner DEKRA Industrial who establishes a load test certificate.
— Optional investigation of fatigue cracks on outer welds (ACFM control).

Equipment rental

— A large choice of equipment available from our network of partners worldwide
— All our equipment is regularly checked by a third party

Company MECO and its partners offer a wide range of load testing equipment, in order to meet your needs:

— Load measuring devices: load cell links or shackles with a capacity ranging from 5 to 400 tonnes, tensiometers for ropes from 13 to 70 mm diameter, compression load cells up to a capacity of 200 tonnes.
— Loads with adjustable capacity: small Waterbags ranging from 1 to 12 tonnes, gangway kit for load testing supporting structures from 200 kg to 20 tonnes.
— Lifting equipment: spreader beams up to 600 tonnes, load supporting frames up to a capacity of 800 tonnes.
— When or if necessary, we provide you with the task force needed to implement the equipment.