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Relying on an international network of experts that allows us to widen the range of our solutions and considerably increase the resources offered on a human and material level, with complete transparency. Company Meco guarantees the ongoing coordination of operations, whether or not we have direct implication in them. In order to do so, we constantly make use of a fundamental asset: our ability to conduct business in English as well as in French.

Dekra Industrial

— A certification body recognised and valued by our customers
— A collaboration over more than 10 years

In the 1990s, a certification body called DEKRA (previously named AIF Services, then NORISKO) was looking for a French expert able to provide and develop a rope attachment system. Their aim was to apply the load directly to the hoist ropes of the lifting device, instead of suspending a load at the hook.

Company MECO, with its experience in the mining sector over the years, stood out as an ideal intermediary between DEKRA Industrial and RELIANCE-BARKER-DAVIES, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rope attachment systems in the mining industry.
In 2003, Company MECO and DEKRA Industrial signed a partnership agreement for the development of innovative technical solutions in the field of load testing. Through this partnership, Company MECO guarantees its customers a regulatory validation of the tests by a recognized certification body.

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— A close-knit partnership, with three generations of leaders collaborating over more than 80 years
— More than 900 tests carried out thanks to a procedure developed by both companies

Since its founding in 1928, Company MECO has represented RELIANCE-BARKER-DAVIES Company – a Welsh manufacturer of rope attachment systems – in France and French-speaking countries. Our mutual interest in diversifying our field of activities, as well as a request from DEKRA Industrial, gave us the incentive to develop a new specific procedure for testing lifting equipment.

Understanding the risks generated by the implementation of such a procedure, the two companies have extended their expertise and thus offer a service that includes the assembling and dismantling of equipment. Thanks to ten years of experience and hundreds of load tests, we have constantly improved the testing procedure and gained the trust of prestigious customers like EDF, in sensitive areas such as the nuclear energy sector.

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— Developing exhaustive solutions for equipment testing up to 900 tonnes
— More than 45 lifting beams from 55 to 500 tonnes, picked up at our customers’, transported, tested, and certified

A few years ago, Company MECO was contracted to carry out a Waterbag load test exceeding 300 tonnes. The test required purpose built lifting beams; taking advice from PROOFLOAD Services, Company MECO approached LIFTAL, another Dutch company specialising in lifting equipment and facility maintenance. After a first successful collaboration, Company MECO and LIFTAL carried out a series of load tests, not only off site in Holland, but also on site, in France and abroad. LIFTAL, with Company MECO acting as intermediary, was also entrusted with the design of new lifting accessories, such as beams.

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Proofload Services

— A world-renowned expertise in the field of load testing with waterbags
— A constantly evolving range of waterbags available, from 1 up to 100 tonnes

Looking for innovative solutions to carry out load testing in the industry, Company MECO signed in 1999 an agreement with PROOFLOAD Services, the Dutch leader in load testing with Waterbags in the maritime sector.

PROOFLOAD, like Company MECO, has the advantage of being a specialized and very proactive company capable of adapting itself to specific requests. Following Company MECO’s advice, it extended its field of activities to the industrial sector and now provides Company MECO with a wide range of complementary equipment and highly qualified site engineers.

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