Our reputation…

Reactivity, reliability and risk management, as well as an environment-friendly approach are part of the qualities allowing us to gain the trust of our customers, in areas such as the energy production, the maritime and fluvial sectors, as well as the heavy industry in general.


— 16 out of 19 nuclear power plants have already required our services
— We are involved with the keynote contributors in this sector

Heavy handling is a constant preoccupation in the energy sector, not only for key device manufacturers (turbines, generators, steam generators) but also for energy suppliers such as EDF, CNR, SHEM, POWEO, etc. Company MECO endeavours to bring the best solution while following the applying regulations and enforcing a basic rule guarantying quality work: “We write what we plan to do, we do what was written, and we write what was done”.

Load testing at the rope has enabled Company MECO to meet the regulatory requirements without causing unnecessary fatigue on the devices during their periodical control. In addition, the same procedure permits the re-commissioning of some elements in the lifting kinematic chain (motor, gearbox, brakes). By doing so, the test coefficients are only applied to the parts involved.


— A preliminary feasibility study is conducted before every intervention
— Our solutions are compatible with the space and time constraints specific to highly productive industries

We have adapted our existing solutions to the industry sector, taking into account its specific constraints. For instance, we have equipped Waterbags with valves on their low point, in order to monitor and secure the filling and draining at any time, when tests are performed inside buildings. We have limited the necessary amount of equipment and solid loads in order to reduce logistical and time-related issues specific to load testing. We adapt our services to production demands, by organising offset working shifts. In any case, we conduct a thorough study of our clients’ needs and a risk assessment before every mission.

Here are some examples:

— We used Waterbags to test overhead cranes in the ALPA and ITON rolling mills of the RIVA Acier group.
— We used water containers with a capacity of 1 tonne to carry out load tests from 6 up to 63 tonnes on a pedestrian gangway, in Meaux (France).
— We used a complete kit of equipment, contained in a trailer with a small suspension gland from RELIANCE, in order to test small overhead cranes.
— We supplied proof load tested lifting beams and accessories for the petrochemical industry.

Maritime and fluvial

— A 10 year collaboration with the STX shipyards of Saint-Nazaire (chantiers de l’atlantique)
— In case of emergency, we respond within 48 hours

For the maritime and fluvial sectors, we perform onshore or offshore load testing on equipment such as cranes, davits and gangways. The maritime sector, even more so than others, requires our availability, our mobility, and the ability to perform emergency services in France and abroad. However urgent the situation may often be, we do not confuse rapidity with precipitation; the right answers come from asking the right questions.

Here are some of the jobs we carried out:

We performed the commissioning of mechanical chain hoists (with a capacity of 100 tonnes) using Waterbags on a semi-submersible drilling platform.

We sent material and staff for the emergency test of a spreader beam in India, before it was shipped off on a vessel owned by TECHNIP.

We carried out load tests on about thirty gangways between Nantes and Saint-Nazaire.

We supplied a load cell in order to measure the efficiency of thrusters on a research vessel.