Emergency in Confolens new Hospital


Using our Gangway Load-Testing Kit to rescue the University Hospital Center of Confolens, still under construction…

…Compagnie MECO offers an innovative solution for the gradual load testing of a cantilever structure made up of lattice beams.

Following the appearance of a significant deflection on a cantilever structure, Compagnie MECO was called upon and selected as the best option by QSC Services, a division of QUALICONSULT SECURITE, to implement its gangway load-testing kit on the whole structure.

Mission Objectives
Set up the progressive load test of the total cantilever floor structure, in order to carry out, with a maximum duration of 2 shifts, a gradual load test divided in stages ranging from 50 kg/m2 to about 220 kg/m2 with a reset to 0 on two instances.

Solutions Implemented
In collaboration with our partner PROOFLOAD, we have chosen to supply a “Gangway Kit” allowing for the load testing of 23 tonnes, including:
• 6 cylindrical Waterbags with a 1000-kilo capacity
• 44 cylindrical Waterbags with a 350-kilo capacity
• 3 cylindrical Waterbags with a 200-kilo capacity
• a kit of semi-rigid pipes allowing the junction of the cylindrical Waterbags to manifolds
• 2 filling and draining 5-way manifolds valves for the simultaneous filling and draining of the cylindrical Waterbags
• 1 membrane pump for draining the cylindrical Waterbags

Duration of the mission
Mission carried out in 2 shifts only.

Qualities Acknowledged by our Customer
• Less than 1 tonne of equipment transported and handled on the site for a total of 23 tonnes used during the load-test, which allowed carrying all equipment “by hand” on the first floor
• A gradual implementation of the load on the structure during the test
• A swift execution while mastering technical aspects and guaranteeing a complete safety throughout the mission