Waterbags for DCNS sites


Waterbags for the re-commissioning of heavy-load lifting devices on various DCNS sites, a world leader in naval defence…

… Compagnie MECO was appointed for the supply and installation of Waterbags. At this occasion, 100 tonne capacity Waterbags were used.

3 missions were carried out between 2013 and 2014 including the supply, transportation and implementation of material for load-testing procedures, using Waterbags up to 660 tonnes in the case of the DCNS located in the Indret area. More details on this mission below.

Mission objectives
Carry out, with a maximum of 3 shifts, the load testing of a gantry with a WLL of 600 tonnes, applying a coefficient of 1.1 time the WLL on the DCNS site of the Indret area (Loire-Atlantique, France).

Application of the Ministerial Order of March 1st, 2004, regarding the control of lifting appliances and lifting equipment.

Solutions Implemented
In collaboration with the ALTEAD company and our partner PROOFLOAD, we have chosen to supply, from the Netherlands, a kit of Waterbags + load cells including:

  • 6 Waterbags with a 100-tonne load
  • 2 Waterbags with a 50-tonne load
  • 2 Waterbags with a 35-tonne load
  • 4 load cells allowing the filling and precise weight balance of the various Waterbags
  • 2 submersible pumps with a nominal flow of 250m3

Qualities Acknowledged by our Customer DCNS
Less than 20 tonnes of material transported and implemented on the site for a total of 660 tonnes used during the load test, which allowed a significant reduction of its negative impact on the environment.

A swift execution of the mission, while mastering technical aspects with complete safety guaranteed throughout the load test.