Areva site of Saint-Marcel


Re-commissioning of an overhead crane under a load of 900 tonnes in the AREVA site of Saint-Marcel…

Company MECO offers an inventive solution in order to carry out a static test without lifting the load

Following works on an overhead crane with a WLL of 600 tonnes, we set up a procedure covering the supply, transportation and implementation of 700 tonnes of solid loads and Waterbags.

Mission Objectives
The aim is to conduct the load tests with a maximum of 5 shifts at the AREVA site of Saint-Marcel (Sâone-et-Loire, France.)

Application of the Ministerial Order of March 1st, 2004, regarding the control of lifting appliances and lifting equipment.

Solutions Implemented
In collaboration with our partners LIFTAL & PROOFLOAD, we have decided to supply and set up the following equipment from Holland: 

A set of solid weights including:
— 1 load supporting frame with a capacity of 2,000 tonnes
— 700 tonnes of counterweight-type solid weights
— Lashing chains used to secure the loads on the supporting frame
— 1 spreader beam with a WLL of 250 tonnes
— 4 Waterbags with a capacity of 50 tonnes per unit
— A set of slings and shackles allowing a safe attachment to the 600-tonne hook
Qualities Acknowledged by our Customer AREVA
— We used inland navigation instead of road transportation in order to limit the carbon footprint on the environment
— We conducted a proper static test by filling the Waterbags once the dynamic load was suspended