Load tests in Tunisia


Load tests of two overhead cranes and a lifting beam on a combined-cycle gas power station in Sousse, Tunisia…

…Company MECO develops a full-scale solution, supplies 20 tonnes of equipment in collaboration with LIFTAL, and supervises the tests

As requested by the SNC LAVALIN Tunisian branch, Company MECO has looked into the best possible solution to test two overhead cranes with a capacity of 230 tonnes, and a lifting beam with a capacity of 440 tonnes. In addition to supplying the necessary lifting equipment for the load tests, Company MECO has supervised the staff during the full load test in Tunisia.

Mission Objectives
The aim was to conduct a load test for the two overhead cranes and lifting beam used for the handling of generators and turbines. Specificity for this mission: the tests must be carried out after most of the heavy elements have been set up, which implies a limited space for the dynamic and static tests.

Company MECO had to develop a procedure considering:
— The test procedure established by the overhead crane and lifting beam manufacturer
— Tunisian regulations (Decree No. 62-129 of April 18th, 1962)
— French regulations (Ministerial Order of March 1st, 2004) regarding the control of lifting appliances and lifting equipment

Solutions Implemented
In collaboration with our partner LIFTAL, we have decided to supply and set up the following equipment from Holland:
— 1 load supporting frame with a capacity of 800 tonnes
— A set of hydraulic cylinders for static tests
— Lashings chains used to secure the loads on the supporting frame
— A set of slings and shackles allowing a safe attachment to the hook of the two overhead cranes and the lifting trunnions on the beam

Qualities Acknowledged by our Customer SNC LAVALIN

Our ability to handle load testing issues from beginning to end in complete collaboration with the customer
An on-site assistance to determine the means necessary to the implementation of our solution