Emergency in Thailand


…Another example of the profitable collaboration between DEKRA Industrial and Company MECO


We set up an emergency procedure to carry out tests on acoustic enclosures destined to equip the offshore natural gas platform TROLL A, implanted off the coast of Norway.

Mission Objectives
In less than 72 hours, we set up the equipment and staff in order to weigh and determine the 2D centre of gravity of acoustic enclosures. The intervention took place at the Chonburi site in Thailand (20 km north of Pattaya.) These acoustic enclosures were destined to fit DRESSER-RAND compressor assemblies from their French factory in Le Havre.

Application of the NF EN ISO 19901-5 Standard regarding specific requirements for offshore structures, more specifically with regard to “weight control during engineering and construction.”

Solutions Implemented
By DEKRA Industrial
DEKRA Industrial set the conditions and limits of this mission and supplied two members of staff to carry out measurements. DEKRA Industrial also put together a mission report taking into account recommendations from the NF EN ISO 19901-5 Standard.

By Company MECO
Company MECO supplied four compression load cells as well as a technician responsible for the transportation and implementation of the equipment. We also participated in putting together the report including data surveys from the mission.

Duration of the Mission
10 days, including 2 days for staff and equipment transportation, and 120 measuring points carried out.

Qualities Acknowledged by our Customer DRESSER-RAND
Reactivity and ability to tackle an issue outside DEKRA’s usual area of expertise
The competence network available when collaborating with Company MECO
The quality of the job done on site as well as a clear and legible formulation of the mission report